KW Coilover Kit V4 2021+ BMW M3 (G80) Sedan 2WD incl. M3 Competition



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The KW Variant 4 was developed exclusively for supercars, sports cars, and performance-oriented sedans. With coilover struts made from stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the vehicle design, you give your super-sports car the necessary equipment to further increase the driving dynamics in everyday life. The triple-adjustable high-performance dampers combine leading race technology to allow the independent adjustment of the rebound and the low-speed and high-speed compression damping.

The 3-way adjustable high-performance dampers in the KW Variant 4 Coilover kits feature independent adjustment of the rebound damping utilizing patented TVR-A technology, as well as the low speed and high-speed compression damping utilizing TVCLH-A technology. The KW Variant 4 Coilovers are based upon successful race technology utilized by multiple overall winners of the ADAC Zurich 24h Nürburgring race.


  • Race-proven 3-way independently adjustable damping technology
  • 16 clicks of independent rebound adjustment utilizing TVR-A Twin Valve Rebound technology
  • TVCLH-A technology provides independent low and high-speed compression adjustability
  • 14 precise clicks of high-speed compression
  • 6 precise clicks of low-speed compression
  • Easily transforms into a sharp and dynamic powerhouse through the performance settings
  • 7-Post Driving Dynamics Approved
  • Composite Spring Seat
  • Stainless steel insert for strength
  • Encapsulated by a friction-optimized polyamide composite for longevity
  • Hardened Chromoly Piston Rod
  • Dynamic elastomer bump stop with integrated dust protection
  • Inox-Line stainless steel, a high strength aluminum body construction, for exceptional durability
  • Friction-Optimized Trapezoidal Thread

Application: 2021+ BMW M3 (G80) Sedan, M3 Competition

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3A7200EB, KW Coilover Kit V4 2021+ BMW M3 (G80) Sedan 2WD incl. M3 Competition