BMW V2 PADDLE KIT (E Series & F Series & G Series)



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NRW V2's are designed to be the initial "top tier class" of paddle shifters to the market.  Each V2 is CNC machined on a DMG MORI 5 Axis to some of the tightest possible tolerances in the industry.  They are then Particle Blasted smooth, hand rubbed final finishing for a satin feel and Hard Anodized with no expense spared to ensure we lead the class in hardware.  

Each V2 is then packaged in a 6" x 9" hand cut Alcantara wrap to protect in transit while giving you a small sample of S.p.A Alcantara in its authentic form.

These are not extensions or stick on paddles - but an entire OEM specification "plug and play" retrofit kit that allows you to remove the OEM "Stump Paddles" and use something significantly more gratifying.  Not only with shifting but the increased feel as well.  30 minute install time and full instructions included.


NOTE: If you are an F-Series or G-Series please select the LCI option. 


  • Tritium inserts are optional for the V2 paddles. These are "optics grade" tritium inserts that require no power source or sunlight to glow. They will emit light for 5-7 years before needing replacement. Available in Green, Ice Blue, White or Amber. 
  • Increased spring mechanism to provide a enjoyable "click" upon gear shifts.
  • Closed trigger hoop for less void in the engagement - this physically changes the gap needed to initiate a shift.  Fundamentally similar to a short throw shifter in a manual transmission.
  • Modular design on the paddle harness makes swapping paddles easy
  • Tritium insert option adds that extra flair to the +/- symbols
  • Install tools required: Quality needle nose pliers and a sharp pointed center punch.
  • Fully reversible if needed.


  • (1) L&R NRW Paddle Adapters
  • (1) L&R Paddles
  • (1) Install Instructions

We started from the ground up with the OEM paddle shifters to ensure we had within 1 micron accuracy to the factory harness. 


While these are OEM fitment we do want to make certain you are buying the correct paddles. Please select the correct paddles at checkout. 

(NOT including 5 Series or Z Series BMW)