BMP Stage 3 Bucket-less Fuel Pump Kit N54 335i 135i



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*****Walboro 525 available*****
We only recommend the 525 as a secondary pump due to the higher amperage draw on the EKP. If you choose to upgrade the primary pump, do so at your own risk.

BMP Stage 3 Bucket-Less Fuel Pump

This is a great option when you need to replace a stock fuel pump to support bigger horsepower .
Dual pump module
Supports 800+ rwhp
E85 and race fuel compatible
Accepts OEM level sender from you factory bucket and mounts securely with provided stainless screws
Viton o-ring pump seals totally eliminate in-tank fuel hose failures.
Deletes factory venturi in stock pump for highest performance and consistent output
Utilizing the factory top hat & support eliminates pump body electrolysis and minimizes noise

As configured this setup will include two Walbro F90000274 pumps, a dual pump to stock line adapter, Walbro fuel filter, and a Precision Raceworks plug and play pump control harness.

2006-2013 BMW 1 series: Direct drop in
2004-2011 BMW 3 series Sedan & Wagon: Direct drop in
2005-2013 BMW 3 series coupe & convertible: Direct drop in
2009-2015 BMW X1 series SUV: Direct drop in
Fuel output - Dual Pump mode 2.8gpm
Horsepower Supported - 800+whp
Can I have problems with a bucketless pump due to fuel slosh?
Yes, a bucketless pump is absolutely susceptible to fuel slosh causing the pump to pull air instead of fuel. For this reason bucketless pump owners should always make sure they have 1/2 a tank when running the car hard.
I heard I won't have fuel slosh if I use better filters is this true?
No & Yes, There are absolutely fuel filters on the market that can be used to reduce problems associated with fuel slosh, however there is no way of knowing how long you will stay at a high g-force load so we still recommend being responsible and keeping a decent amount of fuel in your tank anytime you will be driving aggressively.